Sep 13th, 2016 - Update
Hello there! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I've been very busy working with Pro Rivalry League and doing design tests searching for a new avenue in my wonderful career. I hope you have a wonderful day! I hope to upload some new stuff to my WIP page soon.
April 7th, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
In my endeavor to shore up holes in the application I Have created screens for the Media/News and a news article screen. I am getting to the point where i don't have any more screens to create and I can take a step back and take the whole design in, see if theres any outliers that I could fix. With that said, here's the Media/news screens!
April 7th, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
I took some time and wanted to flesh out some older parts that didn't have shown functionality yet, particularly the main screen and its three middle buttons. so I went ahead and, since I just finished up the game tracker, added these parts in. I may revisit the server info, or maybe even replace it with tournament info or something. We'll see.

April 7th, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
I couldn't take it anymore. The game tracker was too confusing. it just didn't match the style of the rest of the application. I eventually attributed it to trying to put too much information on one screen. It just wasn't working, and If i made the cards bigger then it wouldn't be easy to scroll through your most recent few games without having to provide an extra touch input. So I muttered to myself the age old art adage, "kill your darlings" and asked "what can i do to simplify this page? I took out all the player info, after all they could find that if they really wanted by clicking on the game, I didn't want all info to disappear though. something had to go in the center. so I decided that a nice visual would work and I settled on MVP info. You get the MVP info, I get to put an image in the center to it feels like more than just a wall of text. YAY!. I also shuffled some information around and made the numbers smaller to fit the new more sparse minimalist style. I gotta say I'm pretty happy with it now. So here's main iterations. that I went through. There were more, but they were all half thought out ugly ducklings that I didn't bother to save, so here we are!

April 5th, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
So I finally got the main page for game tracker built. I'm still a bit iffy on layout though, I'm convinced theres a cleaner way to do it, just gotta get back to the sketchbook and figure it out. I also created the account page. I figure theres not really much you'd need for an account page for an application like this, just make it simple. allow you to switch profiles to view your stats if you have the game on multiple consoles or one of your buddies wants you to track him too.

With the addition of the Game tracker main page, I have also added a new button to make it easy to return to this page. I may get rid of it again and replace it with a back chevron though, to keep it simple. we shall see as we go. so with that in mind here's the latest!

April 4th, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
I have begun work on the Stats page for the App. is one of the most trusted sites for RL stats so I figured that's the best place to begin building from. So with that In mind I will be arranging a hierarchy on what I feel is most important to least important and attempting to get the most important things above the fold. For me in my personal experience the two most important things were skill progression (the ability to see how you are are doing over time through a graph) and current Rank/skill points. below the fold will be things similar to RLstats pie chart of Goals/saves/assists and player stats gained.

I judged the pie chart and the Player stats gain as less important because when most people go to the site its for seeing progression and judging when they will rank up next, and secondary reason being comparing stats. On the latter of those points I will try and figure out how to do stat comparison, though It may be as simple as a long press to open a menu asking to compare or download the stats.

Well that's where I am about now. more updates to come!
April 1st, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
So I wanted to kind of take a breather on full content creation. also there apparently is a leak in my roof directly over my keyboard, and keyboards, as I've now been made explicitly aware, aren't meant for heavy indoor rainfall. Who Knew! Securing a backup keyboard today but I was able to make these App Icons. Some I kind of like, some not so much, but that's what this page is for. process work! Next item on the list is Stat tracking.

P.S. talked to a coworker a bit about how my pitch tracker will work (the page that shows where shots and goals are taken/made) and he suggested that If In the end I can't get exact location data, I could potentially get time when shot, goal time, and speed data and create a general area view that will tell you the areas of the field your good at when shooting and the areas where you need work. Interesting Idea, I think I'll explore that one more when I have the time.

As with the other work i've made all stuff is created in photoshop and illustrator currently. and all images vectored when possible.
March 31st, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
So I've added the menu button in the top left. I moved the score and some extras on the main page down to accomodate. all other pages remained about the same, since I already had left room for it, just didn't have the art yet. Also I finally pushed myself to do the garage. I wanted to stay as close as possible to the in-game garage. Currently all the buttons are on the same line, this may cause issues when i finally get to testing it on the phone since the button size is only 40px in photoshop. Generally speaking you want to give buttons at least 58px WxH to be easily touchable. I Found some medium res jpg's of the layout online so I used that as a template and pen tooled all the icons so they're vectored and reusable later. as I meantioned in my post earlier today my next/biggest thing to tackle will be how stats tracking is going to look and work. We'll get to that soon hopefully!
March 31st, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
So I've added the Initial pitch map to add to the game tracker. and I've begun work on a leaderboard and progression tracking for skill points and other common statistics you find on Rocket League websites. I'm a bit stuck on the Stats tracking. this being a mobile application, I'm limited on space and don't want to make the user scroll too much to get to any information they want. I may try out an accordian style layout, This may not be in tune with the simplicity of the application design so far though so we'll see. I'll hopefully get my flow maps up here as well soon. but for now here's the current WIP

March 25th, 2016 - Rocket League Companion App
Updating Progress on my Rocket League Companion app. I've started to get some visual mockups done. I'm going to be uploading some application flow maps and such in a bit! I'm very excited about this personal project. Rocket League being one of my favorite games I've ever played.
April 14th, 2016 - Update!
Update! So I posted the Rocket League companion app to Reddit and it got a very big response! I have been contacted by multiple people to try and make it a reality. This makes me very excited and I will probably not have much more on this until I get more info but It just feels good when people appreciate your work. The scariest moment for me is right after I put my work out to the world, and just waiting to see what the response is. Lucky me It was overwhelmingly positive! In the mean time I'm going to start doing daily UI/HUD creation exercises. each day trying to create something new or different. I am starting today, but won't be able to do it this weekend since the house I rent is getting tented. stupid termites! But I will be diligent!
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