Pro Rivalry League

Assets Created for Branding, Twitch Stream, and Merchandise for Pro Rivalry League

I did not create this video, But as head of Graphics Operations I did have oversight and input on it's development. It is here to give a general overview of what PRL is for those unfamiliar with Rocket League and Tourneys on Twitch. Credit for this video goes to Darxen and Prey; two members of the PRL Graphics team.

PRL Periodically has Pro guest casters for their stream. I create the wall panels that display those guest casters names in game
Here is an example of a guest caster's name being displayed in the game for all to see on the Twitch stream
Weekly promo's are created to advertise for the next weeks tourneys. This and the one below were created using Adobe Photoshop
I created a template for use in announcements for upcoming tourneys. A PSD was uploaded and mad available to all managers to edit for any tourney they wished to advertise.
The In Game overlay was created by a team of designers including myself. It Prominently displays team names, and event series/wins while running a slow pulse animation.
Twitch Alert for PRL
Official PRL T-shirt
OverWatch Torbjorn T-Shirt
Overwatch Junkrat T-shirt
I created a Vector of a Rocket League ball using Adobe Illustrator, from there I stylized it and added the PRL logo to create a unique tshirt that is used by the staff for events and is available for sale on the PRL website
In preparation of the RLCS series put on by Psyonix, PRL interviewed multiple pro Rocket League players. This was the billboard I created to be used during said interviews. Created using Photoshop.
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