No Art = No City

No art no city is a book written in the early 2000's about the effects of art on cities and the urban life. Sadly the Design of the book was very old feeling. It didn't have the life and the gusto that urban cities have. I took it upon myself to give this book that urban feel it had been craving.

No Art = No City was designed in 2003. Sadly the old and outdated style of its design doesn’t do this fascinating book justice. Considering this, I had the perfect opportunity to redesign the book and give it the proper urban feel it deserves. When I think of art and cities my first reaction is to use a vibrant combination of blues and yellows for they are the essential colors bringing life to a city at night. It was a definite improvement over the muted color style of the original book. My goal was to design on  a stocky, yet open design following closely to a grid that reflects the vertical, grid-based structures of skyskrapers. In viewing the following pages I believe I have accomplished this goal and have given new life to a very informative, yet overlooked text.
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